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As one of the active participants in the fiber optic industry, Paragon Navigator® designs, manufactures, delivers and provides technical solutions to a comprehensive line of fiber optic cables. You can expect to work with a one stop solution provider who can offer cable variations from outside plant to indoor/outdoor cables and much more.

The performance of Paragon Navigator® cable is designed to comply or surpass industry standards, available in all standard cables constructions such as stranded loose tube, central tube and ribbon constructions and other customizable constructions designed to meet the specific requirement for different user scenarios.


SmartReel™ and QR Guard™ are the two most iconic functions developed by Paragon Navigator® to simplify the work for our valuable customers and empower the fiber optic industry.

SmartReel™ offers a reliable and valid alternative that eliminates the need for lengthy cable preparation prior to field testing. QR Guard™ integrates fiber optic assets management, project records tracking and training resource center into a highly accessible online system.

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What Paragon Navigator® stands for

Extensive industry knowledge
With over 10 years of experience in the field, Paragon Navigator® has been actively involved in fiber optic cable projects around the globe.
Effective fiber optic solutions
Solutions derived from long-standing problem in the industry, designed to empower your work crews.
Fiber cable customization
Our team of experts will offer product modification suggestions based on experience and system analysis.
Reliable delivery services
A specialized online platform designed to provide customers with seamless delivery service.

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