Tech support

Pre-sales, after-sales technical support and product customization available upon request.
Advanced Centralized Labs
Our advanced centralized labs are meticulously designed to replicate real-world user experiences. We understand that the practical application of fiber cables varies across projects and industries. To address these diverse needs, our labs serve as an environment where we simulate a wide array of scenarios. This enables us to thoroughly evaluate how our cables perform under different conditions, ensuring that our customers receive tailored solutions that match their unique requirements.
Product customization
Paragon Navigator's commitment to offering the most suitable type of cables is underpinned by our rich history of fiber cable manufacturing. Our experience in producing a wide range of cables for various applications equips us with the expertise to provide informed recommendations. We recognize the nuances of different industries in which fiber cables are utilized in, and this insight allows us to guide our customers towards making the right choice for their project.
Remote support
Our after-sales support begins with remote assistance. We provide our customers with a comprehensive set of tools and resources to ensure they get the most out of their fiber cables. This includes detailed installation and handling guidelines, allowing for smooth and error-free cable deployment. We also offer a library of fiber access videos, ensuring that customers have a visual reference for any specific cable-related tasks they may encounter.
Onsite support
While remote support is often sufficient for many of our customers, we recognize that some situations require a more hands-on approach. That's why Paragon Navigator is fully equipped to provide on-site support when necessary. Our expert technicians are prepared to visit your location to offer instruction or even carry out specific tasks, ensuring that your project remains on track.