QR Guard™

A highly integrated cable asset management tool and information retrieval platform.

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Extended Warranty
Paragon Navigator's extended warranty program is seamlessly integrated with our QR Guard™ platform. When customers register a segment of their fiber cable through QR Guard™, they instantly unlock a 5-year warranty extension. This integration ensures that asset protection begins at the point of registration and allows for convenient, real-time warranty tracking.
Asset management
QR Guard™ aims to provide an easy access to an online cable segment management platform. Various types of information such as cable length and GPS locations of cable segments with real time updates are made available to customers to enhance their project planning efficiency and accuracy.
Training material access
Accurate and concise written guidelines for fiber cable installation, transportation, and daily handling, paired with instructional videos on cable preparation for splicing, represent the crucial components of QR Guard™. Mishandling fiber cables can lead to damage to the personnel, equipment or materials, project delays, and increased labor costs.
Record archiving for installation
It is evident that maintaining scrupulous records of past projects substantially enhances the efficiency of future network scalability. Network proprietors with horizons extending over three decades must strive to optimize revenue while ensuring the meticulous upkeep of their assets. Consequently, long lasting, and reliable asset management are critical for facilitating the expeditious expansion of networks and ensuring sustained profitability over the next three decades.
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